Friday, January 22, 2010

Year to Date-Lots of photos

If you'd read my last post I was going on holiday to my Mums'. I'd intended to do a lot of sewing and complete some UFO's. the saying goes...."best laid plans of mice and men often go awry". Who left their 1/4 inch foot at home, yes, it was me. So, I'd laid out my Carpenters Star - took me about an hour and then couldn't sew it together!! Yes, I have noticed that I have one block the wrong way. My consolation came in the form of my precious granddaughter, Scarlett. Mum and I got to look after her while her Mama designed and pieced a quilt for our upcoming retreat - this can be seen at This photo is my Mum bathing Scarlett in the laundry tub.

My holiday was over too soon - I'd intended to take 3 weeks but that didn't happen. Following are photos of the some of the quilts that I have done so far. The first, is a Jelly Roll pattern using Rounneries fabric from Moda. The quilt belongs to Lucie and it is always such a treat to do her quilts - beautifully pieced and she always chooses fabrics that appeal to my taste.
This one belongs to Vicki - it was a pattern that Shontelle taught at our last retreat - the pattern is an Irish chain with a gorgeous "sawtooth" border (unfortunately I didn't photograph that). The fabrics used are from the Gypsy Rose collection designed by Figtree Quilts for Moda. The quilting pattern is Blowing In The Wind by Irene Steel of Timeless Quilting Designs.
The following belongs to Cheryl - once again, beautifully pieced and I used Blowing In The Wind on this one also. Cheryl had done a really big favour for me in repiecing a difficult quilt and I was only too happy to do this in return for her work - I think I got the better deal!MaryAnn's quilt is a pattern from Debbie Maddy of Calico Carriage and we were given permission to teach this at one of our Workshops. The quilting pattern used was Swirl and Twirl from Lorien Digital Patterns.
How cute is this quilt? This was made by Erica for her new grandson, Toby, who entered the world a few days after the quilt was delivered. I was a little worried about quilting on the Chenille but the A1 handled it beautifully. The pattern used is Double Bubble, once again from Lorien.I just love these fabrics, the colours are so fresh. Fabrics were purchased from The Patchwork Apple and the quilting pattern is Daisies Galore from Jodi Beamish.
I'm not sure of the name of the pattern that I used on this quilt - I think it may be Apple Blossom. It was made by Anne for her nieces birthday - her family are very lucky because Anne has been so productive making quilts for her nieces and nephews and does a really lovely job!
Can you guess what this is???? It's one of my Toy Poodles, I have 3, this is Glamour - how cute is she? This is pretty much all she does - lays around on the back of the lounge all day like a Sloth - Oh, how I'd love her life!!!