Saturday, April 10, 2010

Final quilts before holiday

It was difficult to get a decent photo of the quilt below - it was all flannel, beautifully pieced and appliqued. A little challenging coming up with a design but Carolyn, the owner, was very happy.
This was the centre panel in the quilt.
This quilt also belongs to Carolyn - it was the last of 4 quilts that I had quilted and bound for her. They really were a pleasure to do, all so totally different. As well as the 2 shown here there was a Mariners Compass and Applique for Annaliese which I had McTavished and posted photos a few months ago. This butterfly quilt was pieced by my friend Jan for her daughter's friend - lucky friend I say! Beautifully pieced and appliqued - I feel very privileged when I get such great quilts to do. Pattern is Springtime (Timeless Quilting Design)
Speaking of beautifully pieced quilts - the next 2 belong to Anne - her quilts are always a dream to do. No loose threads, beautifully pieced, pressed and always square. My only hope is that she keeps quilting - as I'm sure all the "babies" must have quilts by now. I wasn't really sure what pattern to put on the first one and then came across Plaza (Lorien quilting).....perfect!
This also has Springtime on it.
I really had a dream run during the last week before my holidays as this was also a gorgeous quilt to do - so pretty and feminine. This was for a new customer of mine and she must have been happy with it as she's given me 2 more - thanks Bernadette!
That's it for now. The next quilts that I'll post on here will be those quilted by "magicians" - the fantastic work that I'll get to see at MQX (Machine Quilters' Exposition) in Providence, Rhode Island, USA - 4 days and counting.

Hello! What's this?

Yes! My case has arrived, intact! I want to know if Qantas have registered my case as a Frequent Flyer and added points to my account - not much chance of that. They did however give me 100USD to buy, wait for it.......a toothbrush. Some toothbrush for 100 but who am I to argue.
Needless to say, I'm a happy camper now. Have all my props for my classes, my notes are completed and I'm ready........also have the bottle of Rescue Remedy to calm the nerves:-)

MQX here we come - hopefully with all luggage this time!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Have you seen this case?

No, neither have I!! Can you believe that I landed in San Francisco sans case? Seriously, I couldn't believe it. All my "props" for my classes are in my case, along with everything else. I had everything for my class in my carryon bag and then thought "no, I'll put all of that in my luggage, save carrying it".......moron, that I am!!!! Luckily I have all the class notes on my laptop and USBs.

Those that know me well will me laughing up their sleeves! I have this idiosyncrasy.....I won't wear the same clothing 2 days in a row - or even the same thing in a week. Needless to say there are always some stressful moments at the airport baggage counters!!! It was a novel way to get into Tony's pants :-) I'm wearing his jocks and his T-shirt - which is a little embarassing as they almost don't fit!!!

I've just this second had a call from the SF airport to say "said case" should be on United Airlines Flight 870......SHOULD BE!!!!!! I almost shouted into the phone. It's a very odd feeling to arrive somewhere without all your belongings. There is one thought I can't dismiss from mind, my VBF, Caz, went overseas to Sweden and her luggage didn't arrive with her either - she got it back 4 weeks after she returned back home! I hope that scenario doesn't occur here.

I do realise that there are much worse things that happen but everything is relevant - and this is relevant to me!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mannum Retreat

Four years ago when Shontelle & I commenced our longarm machine quilting business I had no idea where it would lead us. I have met so many gorgeous people and feel tremendously blessed to have you in my life and share the experiences that we have had. I thank each and everyone of you for supporting us and sharing the fun and learning that our retreats provide, I know Shonny feels the same.

This retreat wrap up is a little more timely than the last and I hope you enjoy looking at our "weekend". I always seem to be doing something other than taking photos and wish that I had more time and could remember to get the camera out! We really must remember to take a photo of Leon (my Rav4) packed to capacity with the trailer following along behind - many times I get a glimpse of something blue in the rearview mirror and think "who's that sitting on my backside?" Then I remember it's the trailer with the blue tarp!!

This is one of the kits that Shonny prepared - she loves this fabric so much, Moda Garden Party, that she told everyone she wanted to "lick it"! The kits looked so pretty.
The photo below is of the gift bags, lined up and ready to be given to the "retreaters". They are sold as lunch bags - they have a place inside to hold your bottle of water and are made completely from recycled bottles. We filled them with toiletries and choccies - they go well together :-)
The girls busy sewing - it was so hard to drag them away from their work....even to eat!!
Celine began piecing her quilt, Jelly Stars, at the Wallaroo retreat and was so proud that she finally has something to show for her hard work - great job Celine! I was delighted to hear the musical notes played by the majestic paddle steamer, Murray Princess, and raced (well waddled) down to the riverbank to take this snapshot - it was so beautiful.
Barb & I were sitting outside late at night having a milo when we were surprised by this little brush tailed possum - I was tickled pink that I managed to get this photo, he is SUPER CUTE or what?
Once everyone had left we packed up and headed home with a stop at Birdwood Pizza Bar for the best pizza we have ever eaten. On arriving home, absolutely exhausted, I walked into the bedroom to husband had the washing done and folded and had placed Cadbury chocolate Bunnies all over the bed. I'm a very lucky girl.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Australian Machine Quilting Festival

A few weeks ago I alluded to some exciting news that I'd be able to share in the near future. Well that time has arrived - it actually arrived a few weeks ago but at the moment I'm very time poor!!

The very first Australian Machine Quilting Festival will be held at Endeavour College, Mawson Lakes, South Australia from 1st - 4th October 2010. This is a very exciting opportunity for machine quilters in our Country, previously the only way we could access a show such as this was to travel to the United States.

It's going to be fantastic with National and International teachers, a Machine Quilting Show, Vendor Mall and Banquet - don't miss the fun. There will be classes for piecing, colouring, quilting on a domestic sewing machine, quilting on a longarm.

One of my very favourite teachers, Kimmy Brunner, is coming and take it from me she is fantastic! She is so funny and her teaching method is second to none. I was so feather challenged until I took a class with Kimmy and now there's no looking back!

For more information go to or you can email me at

Hope to see you there!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Very late Retreat Wrap-up

How slack am I? I can't believe this time 2 weeks ago we were away on the "Wallaroo Retreat". Special thanks to all the girls for making it such a fabulous weekend - we certainly couldn't do it without such an absolutely lovely group!!

I'd like to apologise at this point for not having a photo of everybody, we'll have to get organised and take a Group Shot in future and my aim is to take more photos.

The first is of Kris who I admire for so many reasons! This is a quilt that she pieced and then freemotion quilted - as a longarm quilter I find this skill amazing. Great job Kris!
The next is a photo of Lorraine who managed to complete 2 projects - Oh yeah! she's an overachiever, there's one in every group. You are so special Lorraine, don't ever change!
The next is Jan, my friend from "across the road" whom left the State to move away from me. I'm so glad she travelled down from Queensland to attend the retreat and spend some time with me after - I miss you so much Jan! Jan is holding a gorgeous scrap bag that she makes and has just started selling them. If you're interested visit her blog
Jenni started this quilt on our June 09 retreat at Mannum - the colours are gorgeous and she was really happy with the finished project. Jenni spent the weekend helping her Mum, Diann, who is a new quilter and I have a feeling she's now hooked!!
Pam's quilt was also started at the Mannum 09 retreat, the fabrics are really lovely and Pam added extra sashing to hers which really set it off.
MaryAnne also completed this at Mannum - it was one of 2 that she finished that weekend. She is now busy working on Jane Says - her choice of project at Wallaroo.
The next is Vicki - what can I say about her??? She is such a joy and makes me laugh all the time. Vicki made the bag she is proudly showing - it was like something out of Mary Poppins! You'd never believe what she had in that bag, it was amazing. Who takes 5 pairs of bras away on a 3 day weekend......with women!!!!
The photo below is 3 generations! Me, my beautiful daughter, Shontelle, and my incredible Mum, Mavis. We make a great team and I can't tell you how proud I am that they are mine! Shontelle is just amazing in so many ways and Mum....well what can I say. Mum will be 81 on March 22nd and she cooked treats for us for weeks leading up to the retreat and worked like a "navvy" all weekend.
Once everything was packed up, cleaned up, and put away there was no way we were getting our own dinner. Here we are having a fish & chip TV dinner. Here's to each and everyone of you that once again made our Wallaroo Retreat such a success......Cheers!!!
Shontelle has created a new blog dedicated to our retreats. Please visit

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hiho, hiho, it's off to the Retreat we go!

I'm feeling guilty as I haven't posted for 5 weeks - some blogger I am!!! I have been flat out like a lizard drinking getting ready for retreat. Quilting, Shopping, Admin, you name it I've been doing it. One thing I haven't been doing is cooking or housework, that's what husbands are for isn't it?

I promise to have fantastic photos from the Retreat and recent quilts that I have done once I return.

Also, I have some AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE news to share.......but not quite yet. Stay tuned - it'll seriously rock your socks off!!!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Year to Date-Lots of photos

If you'd read my last post I was going on holiday to my Mums'. I'd intended to do a lot of sewing and complete some UFO's. the saying goes...."best laid plans of mice and men often go awry". Who left their 1/4 inch foot at home, yes, it was me. So, I'd laid out my Carpenters Star - took me about an hour and then couldn't sew it together!! Yes, I have noticed that I have one block the wrong way. My consolation came in the form of my precious granddaughter, Scarlett. Mum and I got to look after her while her Mama designed and pieced a quilt for our upcoming retreat - this can be seen at This photo is my Mum bathing Scarlett in the laundry tub.

My holiday was over too soon - I'd intended to take 3 weeks but that didn't happen. Following are photos of the some of the quilts that I have done so far. The first, is a Jelly Roll pattern using Rounneries fabric from Moda. The quilt belongs to Lucie and it is always such a treat to do her quilts - beautifully pieced and she always chooses fabrics that appeal to my taste.
This one belongs to Vicki - it was a pattern that Shontelle taught at our last retreat - the pattern is an Irish chain with a gorgeous "sawtooth" border (unfortunately I didn't photograph that). The fabrics used are from the Gypsy Rose collection designed by Figtree Quilts for Moda. The quilting pattern is Blowing In The Wind by Irene Steel of Timeless Quilting Designs.
The following belongs to Cheryl - once again, beautifully pieced and I used Blowing In The Wind on this one also. Cheryl had done a really big favour for me in repiecing a difficult quilt and I was only too happy to do this in return for her work - I think I got the better deal!MaryAnn's quilt is a pattern from Debbie Maddy of Calico Carriage and we were given permission to teach this at one of our Workshops. The quilting pattern used was Swirl and Twirl from Lorien Digital Patterns.
How cute is this quilt? This was made by Erica for her new grandson, Toby, who entered the world a few days after the quilt was delivered. I was a little worried about quilting on the Chenille but the A1 handled it beautifully. The pattern used is Double Bubble, once again from Lorien.I just love these fabrics, the colours are so fresh. Fabrics were purchased from The Patchwork Apple and the quilting pattern is Daisies Galore from Jodi Beamish.
I'm not sure of the name of the pattern that I used on this quilt - I think it may be Apple Blossom. It was made by Anne for her nieces birthday - her family are very lucky because Anne has been so productive making quilts for her nieces and nephews and does a really lovely job!
Can you guess what this is???? It's one of my Toy Poodles, I have 3, this is Glamour - how cute is she? This is pretty much all she does - lays around on the back of the lounge all day like a Sloth - Oh, how I'd love her life!!!