Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Well Earned Rest

I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to the break. I had intended to take 3 weeks off but I have a strong feeling "that just ain't gonna happen"!!! I'm going to spend a few days with my Mum at Wallaroo and we're both looking forward to some lovely time swimming and not doing too much else! Mum is 80 and can still swim like a fish and we both love the time together. I've also packed many UFO's and I may just get some sewing of my own done - that's a novel idea.

I'd like to wish everyone much love, health and blessings for 2010 and beyond.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sew & Tell Friday - Posted Tuesday

Hopefully you don't mind looking at lots of pictures. This is a selection of some of the quilts that I have done over the past few weeks. I only have 2 more custom to do before Christmas and then onto the 12 pantos - YAY!!

The first 2 photos are the front and back of a beautifully pieced colourful quilt. I used Daisies Galore (Jodi Beamish) and Superior Threads Joseph's Coat variegated thread.
This quilt was the 2nd of two the same that I have done for the same customer- showing both the front and back - it was a large quilt and I used the IQ for the borders - the rest was freehand (what a lot of work!).

This is a really pretty quilt featuring stitcheries (showing front & back). Once again I have stitched through the stitchery - IMO this gives a much more finished look. This customer was so patient and understanding waiting for her quilts (thanks Jill, your patience was greatly appreciated).

This Eskimo applique was also done by Jill - her work is really "spot on". I was a little challenged working out how to do it justice, I was happy with the results. (And yes, I did notice the bit I missed on her foot and I put it back on the machine and filled it in).

This also belongs to Jill and I love the effect of the simple piecing - I used Karen Thompson's (Intelligent Quilting) Roses on this. This quilt was taught in a "Civil War" class run by the Patchwork Apple and belongs to Vicki. (Great job Vicki - you are too hard on yourself - it was great to quilt!).

The following quilt belongs to Jann - she did this at Hetties Patch - it was a very large quilt (91x91) and Pretty Posies got another airing - I LOVE that panto! The quilt looks very elegant.

How cute are next 2 quilts? I was so excited doing these quilts - I love teddies. I would think about these quilts when I should've been sleeping and couldn't wait to get started on them. I think they are gorgeous. ( I wish they were mine!)

Thanks for looking - I hope you enjoyed the quilts. I've forgotten how to add links but if you're at all interested in the Patchwork Apple or Hetties Patch you can reach them through links on the homepage.