Friday, November 27, 2009

Sew & Tell Friday 3 - A little late!!!

My weeks seem to be getting crazier by the day! The quilts that I've pictured were from last week as I simply haven't had time to take photographs of my work this week. Tony (DH) had shoulder surgery last week and I've had a rude awakening to how much he does to help me (not that I didn't know before)!

The first 2 photos are of a quilt from a new customer (Hi Wendy), beautifully pieced and I just loved the colours. The quilting pattern I used is from Timeless Quilting Designs and it's called Blowing in the Wind.

This next quilt is from one of my regular customers - I love doing her quilts - always beautifully pieced and her colour choices are just what I'd use. I used Pretty Posies on this quilt by Tammy Finkler - it's one of my favourites - I just love it.
The following quilt started as a kit (the centre) and was then added to enhanced as the process went on. This customer "caravans" around Australia and always manages to find interesting fabrics and uses the travel time to do her "handwork". The quilting pattern is Wandering Daisies by Jodi Beamish.

It never ceases to amaze me when chatting to clients just how small the world really is; the owner of this quilt, Janine, used to show dogs (as did I) and we know so many of the same people and it was great catching up on news. Janine is a new piecer and did a great job - it's a lovely fresh looking quilt and I used Blowing in the Wind of this one too.
The next 3 photos (of 2 quilts) are pieced from the Heritage Hexagon pattern that Shontelle designed and taught at the Mannum Retreat. I love this pattern and the fabrics used are just gorgeous. The first photo is of Judy's quilt and I used Trillium Leaf on this from Darlene Epp.

Pretty Posies has come to the party yet again and I used a light aubergine colour thread on this quilt and I was really happy with result. I felt quite attached to these 3 quilts as I watched Shontelle go through the process when she was designing and I really enjoyed seeing the quilts come together at the retreat. It was a privelege to quilt them - the piecing was fabulous!!
The last one for today is also from a new customer - she is self taught, never been to a class. Hats off to her I say - I'm such a visual learner I could never do it! I used Flirtatious on this quilt - it's not too busy and didn't take away from the applique at all. I used a very soft lilac thread and by choosing this colour it blended in the purple areas and also didn't look stark on the white.
Thanks for looking - please leave me a comment if you enjoyed them. Next week will be a viewing of Custom Quilting - that's all I have in my future at present - not really but at the moment it feels like it!! Stay tuned.


  1. Great quilts and beautiful quilting. Thanks for sharing. Hope your husband has a speedy recovery from his surgery.

  2. Awesome post! Great photos. I love looking at everyone's quilts. xx

  3. Hi Sharon
    Well wasn't it a lovely surprise to see my quilt on your blog. Thanks again for your beautiful work. I will be seeing you again in the New Year. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Wendy PS not used to this blogger stuff so I am not really anonymous!!!!

  4. Some very lovely quilts there. It was great to catch up on Tuesday