Saturday, April 10, 2010

Final quilts before holiday

It was difficult to get a decent photo of the quilt below - it was all flannel, beautifully pieced and appliqued. A little challenging coming up with a design but Carolyn, the owner, was very happy.
This was the centre panel in the quilt.
This quilt also belongs to Carolyn - it was the last of 4 quilts that I had quilted and bound for her. They really were a pleasure to do, all so totally different. As well as the 2 shown here there was a Mariners Compass and Applique for Annaliese which I had McTavished and posted photos a few months ago. This butterfly quilt was pieced by my friend Jan for her daughter's friend - lucky friend I say! Beautifully pieced and appliqued - I feel very privileged when I get such great quilts to do. Pattern is Springtime (Timeless Quilting Design)
Speaking of beautifully pieced quilts - the next 2 belong to Anne - her quilts are always a dream to do. No loose threads, beautifully pieced, pressed and always square. My only hope is that she keeps quilting - as I'm sure all the "babies" must have quilts by now. I wasn't really sure what pattern to put on the first one and then came across Plaza (Lorien quilting).....perfect!
This also has Springtime on it.
I really had a dream run during the last week before my holidays as this was also a gorgeous quilt to do - so pretty and feminine. This was for a new customer of mine and she must have been happy with it as she's given me 2 more - thanks Bernadette!
That's it for now. The next quilts that I'll post on here will be those quilted by "magicians" - the fantastic work that I'll get to see at MQX (Machine Quilters' Exposition) in Providence, Rhode Island, USA - 4 days and counting.

Hello! What's this?

Yes! My case has arrived, intact! I want to know if Qantas have registered my case as a Frequent Flyer and added points to my account - not much chance of that. They did however give me 100USD to buy, wait for it.......a toothbrush. Some toothbrush for 100 but who am I to argue.
Needless to say, I'm a happy camper now. Have all my props for my classes, my notes are completed and I'm ready........also have the bottle of Rescue Remedy to calm the nerves:-)

MQX here we come - hopefully with all luggage this time!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Have you seen this case?

No, neither have I!! Can you believe that I landed in San Francisco sans case? Seriously, I couldn't believe it. All my "props" for my classes are in my case, along with everything else. I had everything for my class in my carryon bag and then thought "no, I'll put all of that in my luggage, save carrying it".......moron, that I am!!!! Luckily I have all the class notes on my laptop and USBs.

Those that know me well will me laughing up their sleeves! I have this idiosyncrasy.....I won't wear the same clothing 2 days in a row - or even the same thing in a week. Needless to say there are always some stressful moments at the airport baggage counters!!! It was a novel way to get into Tony's pants :-) I'm wearing his jocks and his T-shirt - which is a little embarassing as they almost don't fit!!!

I've just this second had a call from the SF airport to say "said case" should be on United Airlines Flight 870......SHOULD BE!!!!!! I almost shouted into the phone. It's a very odd feeling to arrive somewhere without all your belongings. There is one thought I can't dismiss from mind, my VBF, Caz, went overseas to Sweden and her luggage didn't arrive with her either - she got it back 4 weeks after she returned back home! I hope that scenario doesn't occur here.

I do realise that there are much worse things that happen but everything is relevant - and this is relevant to me!