Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coralie's Quilt

As I never have any time to work on my own quilts or projects I thought I'd start posting pictures of quilts that I work on for customers. All quilts are special, some more so than others which is the case with this quilt. The sticheries on this quilt are exquisite and the owner, Coralie, worked on these stitcheries during visits with her Dad who was suffering from what turned out to be a terminal illness. I was very conscious, during the quilting, of the significance of this quilt and I was very happy that Coralie allowed the stitcheries to be X-hatched. We were both pleased with the outcome and she now has a quilt that holds cherished memories.

This 2nd photo shows a close up of the centre panel. The X-hatching and CC's (continuous curves) were all done using the IQ (Intelliquilter). Tony (DH) worked out the path so there was no thread build up.


  1. You have done such a beautiful job to a gorgeous quilt by allowing the stichery to take pride of place and not be outdone with over the top quilting, congratulations for treating a special quilt with dignity.