Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yes! I am an Embroiderer!

Those that know me well understand that a "sewer" I am not (I am however a machine quilter). Many can't understand this conundrum and I don't try to anymore! Anywho I digress - today I had a Mystery Indulgence with a fabulous group of girls, it was held at the Patchwork Apple and we were taught by the ever patient and lovely Sara. Sara taught us to look at fabric in a different light and therein the fun began. A great fun day was had by all and I can now say that I am an embroiderer......yeah right!!!!

A few photos will follow but I am really disappointed with my camera at present and I apologise to the girls that I've missed out due to my photos not being clear enough. (I need to get it worked out as I am becoming frustrated at taking photos and not being able to post them due to poor quality).

1. This is a group photo - minus me of course and Sara, she is forcing Jane to have champagne!

2. Kris is in the front of the photo with Ronda behind and Frances in the background. I love hearing Ronda laugh - it is soooo infectious!

3 & 4. This is Deb working hard and also a photo of her work. Deb & Lorraine chose the same fabric and there is going to be a "cushion off" at our February Retreat!

5. This is the ever patient Sara working on Lorraine's piece - I feel this gives Lorraine a distinct advantage! Where was Lorraine you may ask????

6. Oh!! Here she is shopping. I hope that's not more fabric in your hands - no wonder she has such a lovely smile on her face!

7. This gives a little look at what Frances is working on with her fabric.

8. This is Gerrie's - the grapes look positively "dewey".

9. This is what Ronda is doing with hers - looks very elegant.

10. Yes!!! This is me....the over achiever!!!! What more can I say????? Wink, wink!!!

Thanks heaps to Jane, Sara and the rest of the group - I had such a fun day. Cheers


  1. Hey was a fab day!! I had a great nice to catch up with you again..and Deb.....the reference for Kris will be in the post..LOL.....I have done a little bit more work on my may even be ready for the "cushion off" in Feb.....really looking forward to the retreat...don't work too hard!

  2. What a great post, Shaz! You little embroiderer you. It was such a lovely day with a nice bunch of girls.