Saturday, April 10, 2010

Final quilts before holiday

It was difficult to get a decent photo of the quilt below - it was all flannel, beautifully pieced and appliqued. A little challenging coming up with a design but Carolyn, the owner, was very happy.
This was the centre panel in the quilt.
This quilt also belongs to Carolyn - it was the last of 4 quilts that I had quilted and bound for her. They really were a pleasure to do, all so totally different. As well as the 2 shown here there was a Mariners Compass and Applique for Annaliese which I had McTavished and posted photos a few months ago. This butterfly quilt was pieced by my friend Jan for her daughter's friend - lucky friend I say! Beautifully pieced and appliqued - I feel very privileged when I get such great quilts to do. Pattern is Springtime (Timeless Quilting Design)
Speaking of beautifully pieced quilts - the next 2 belong to Anne - her quilts are always a dream to do. No loose threads, beautifully pieced, pressed and always square. My only hope is that she keeps quilting - as I'm sure all the "babies" must have quilts by now. I wasn't really sure what pattern to put on the first one and then came across Plaza (Lorien quilting).....perfect!
This also has Springtime on it.
I really had a dream run during the last week before my holidays as this was also a gorgeous quilt to do - so pretty and feminine. This was for a new customer of mine and she must have been happy with it as she's given me 2 more - thanks Bernadette!
That's it for now. The next quilts that I'll post on here will be those quilted by "magicians" - the fantastic work that I'll get to see at MQX (Machine Quilters' Exposition) in Providence, Rhode Island, USA - 4 days and counting.


  1. Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy quilty goodness!

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful eye candy!

  2. What rich colors! I love these!

  3. Love those pinwheels, they are my absolutely very favorite block ever! Nice work.

  4. Sharon,

    Thank you for visiting my sew and tell. I enjoyed my visit on your blog. You do such beautiful work.

  5. Sharon they are all lovely not sure which one I like the best. Hope your enjoying yourself OS.

  6. these are all so beautiful and amazing.

  7. Those are all just stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Sharon, it's Shelley from Woodstock, Canada
    Love your blog and the quilting...well, it's to die for!!Loved meeting you today, we had a good visit! Hope to meet you again!



    Liliana from Argentina.