Friday, April 9, 2010

Have you seen this case?

No, neither have I!! Can you believe that I landed in San Francisco sans case? Seriously, I couldn't believe it. All my "props" for my classes are in my case, along with everything else. I had everything for my class in my carryon bag and then thought "no, I'll put all of that in my luggage, save carrying it".......moron, that I am!!!! Luckily I have all the class notes on my laptop and USBs.

Those that know me well will me laughing up their sleeves! I have this idiosyncrasy.....I won't wear the same clothing 2 days in a row - or even the same thing in a week. Needless to say there are always some stressful moments at the airport baggage counters!!! It was a novel way to get into Tony's pants :-) I'm wearing his jocks and his T-shirt - which is a little embarassing as they almost don't fit!!!

I've just this second had a call from the SF airport to say "said case" should be on United Airlines Flight 870......SHOULD BE!!!!!! I almost shouted into the phone. It's a very odd feeling to arrive somewhere without all your belongings. There is one thought I can't dismiss from mind, my VBF, Caz, went overseas to Sweden and her luggage didn't arrive with her either - she got it back 4 weeks after she returned back home! I hope that scenario doesn't occur here.

I do realise that there are much worse things that happen but everything is relevant - and this is relevant to me!


  1. Oh Sharon!! I would be devastated too! I hope by now you have your case back.....what a hoot that you are wearing Tony's jocks! It would be a good excuse to go shopping I think..I am sure your classes will go well with or without the are well prepared and everything will go smoothly.....everyone will love you..........what's not to love? Hugs!! ...and GO SHOPPING!

  2. I hope it is resolved QUICKLY!!

  3. I've been thinking of when it might show up. Perhaps it will be like that garden gnome that kept sending photos of it's latest destination to its owner!! Keep us posted love, I am crossing everything for you to make sure it turns up in time for your first class. I think I'd be placing a call to Nancy to see how much she can bring with her in the way of props though, whaddya think?

  4. OMG I would totally lose the plot if that happened to me. It's bad enough turning up to teach a class and finding out that you had left something behind but to have someone else lose your gear - grrrrr.
    Sit back, eat chocolate, listen to calming music and talk your blood pressure down.
    hugs - Miche'le

  5. I can just picture you in said jocks, reclining Cleo centrefold style! I think that you are jinxed in the luggage dept.

    Nod and I are going to visit May on Thurs. She may call you on the camera phone during the week. I'll keep you posted. xxx

  6. I just want to know if the jocks are lepord skin??

    Sorry Sharon but I carn't help but to laugh, not at the fact that your luggage got lost, I would be devastated, but its the jocks.

    Have a great time, knock em dead!!!

  7. Must delete that metal picture from my head. You in husbands jocks only just fitting. I am glad to read your luggage arrived.