Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friday Finishes

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted a Friday finish but I feel like sharing some of what I’ve been doing.  If you’d like to know anything about the quilts you see please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.
I’ve been doing quite a bit of custom work lately and for those quilters amongst us will know how this slows us up.  Sometimes I agonise over them, well mostly I do, but when they’re done I have such a sense of accomplishment that it’s worth it.  Then the hard part……parting with them.
2012-08-04 10.34.112012-08-04 10.37.46
The first photo is the 2nd quilt I’ve done for Lyn – both the same – however it’s quite some time since I did the first one and this one had a “feather treatment”.  Lyn had added all the embellishments before she booked the quilt in and it was quite challenging quilting around/between all the beads and bling – luckily there was only one casualty.  The second is a Star…..lmao….I have no idea which star it is as I’m not a piecer as such and I simply don’t remember.  It was all bias piecing so all in all the outcome was a good one.  I love the greens and black – very striking.
2012-08-15 15.02.302012-08-15 15.02.05
This is another in the girls day out series…. I think….and I enjoyed quilting it.  I quilted lots of different little designs in the various piecing and had quite a play. 

2012-07-13 09.40.242012-07-13 09.37.28
The quilting on this had been started before it came to me – all the SID had been done and the Butterflies had been echoed around.  This presented a few issues but sometimes working outside the square challenges us and increases our skill set…..not that I want to do that all the time.  It was a pretty good outcome considering.
That’s it for now, I’ve surprised myself getting 2 blog posts done in a month, hopefully somebody reads itSmile.


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