Sunday, October 7, 2012

March–the month that was.

I am re-writing this post in the vain hope that it’ll work and the formatting will be fantastic!  I’m such a glass 1/2 full sort of girl although that has certainly been tested getting used to Wordpress.

“Drifting Leaves” was quilted on the following quilt with the centre medallion being custom quilted with Stich in the Ditch, McTavishing and freehand leaves.


Next is one of Di’s many quilts and I have used Tendril by Lorien Quilting, this pattern works well on so many quilts – it gives lovely texture and movement.


Shontelle taught this pattern, by Joanna Figuroa of Figtree Quilts, called Jelly Stars at the July Retreat last year; it is made using 1 Jelly Roll plus yardage.  Custom quilted with SID, feather motifs using the Intelliquilter, freehand feathers and minimal X-hatching.  The photos show the front and back of the quilt.



The strippy quilt, also taught by Shontelle at the Wallaroo Retreat, was made by Sue.  Sue has chosen Baptist Fans for the quilting and the final results is just gorgeous.


The next quilt was made by the ever patient Silvie for her sister.  It has been custom quilted using SID, motifs, x-hatching and McTavishing.  I had organised with Silvie to deliver the quilt as Tony and I were having a “play date’ at Virginia Nursery (if you’ve not been there, and you live nearby, I suggest you give it a go)  Anyhoo, I digress!  Tony thought it would be a good idea to give the truck a run so I hopped aboard and off we went.  However, when I was disembarking from said “truck” with quilt bag in one hand and a flower arrangement for Silvie in the other I tripped and did a faceplant in her neighbour’s garden.  Picture this! a dishevelled person knocking on your door with a quilt in one hand and some tragically mangled blooms in the other.  Come on in!! Thankfully, she was delighted with her quilt.


Every quilt has a story to tell and some more than others.  This quilt was started over 20 years ago – it was to be for Jan’s son on his 8th birthday.  He actually turns 28 this month and I hope he is as excited with his quilt as his Mum is.  She had started to hand quilt it and with her permission I removed the stitching and put a lovely “allover” pattern on it using a red/white/blue variegated thread.


And for those that believe that men can’t do 2 things at once….look at Tony multitasking!!!


Something to ponder??  Why is it once you’ve hit 50 and have a little trip it’s classed as “having a fall”.  Up until then it’s just falling over!!



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