Sunday, October 7, 2012

Time Out For Me!

It’s only taken almost 5 years but I went on a Quilting Retreat on the weekend – yes, that’s right – I was a guest instead of the host.  Thanks to Wendy for organising a fantastic weekend with lovely people and great food.  It was so nice not doing anything other than eating, chatting, sewing (if one was inclined), walking and just slothing around in general.  Thanks to Mike, the retreat photographer, I have a few photos to share.

DSCN9863 (3)

Yes, I am the Pyjama Quilter…oops that name has been taken….I’m the Dressing Gown Quilter.  You’d never think so much concentration and joint effort could possibly go into a “Disappearing 9-Patch” made from a Charm Pack.

Sharon Binding

Here’s one I prepared earlier – a “Lasagne Quilt” for Scarlett.  Yes, I hear you all – does that girl only piece strips of fabric????  Well, yes that is all she does!!  She also sometimes performs miracles but that’s a “whole nother story”.

Wendy's Retreat Group

Now we have the group shot – somebody (Wendy) told us that if we held our hands under our chins we’d look slim – do you think it worked?  Thanks Mike for taking the photos, great job!  And thanks to everyone else for making me feel so welcome.

That’s it for now – please visit again soon as I have some great shots of recent quilts to share!



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