Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friday Finishes

This week I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground which has been a good thing as it has seen my queue diminish somewhat with 10 quilts (some of which are pictured below) being completed and thanks to Cheryl (affectionately known as Chebby) another 8 are pinned and ready to go!  I have no idea how I ever managed before I was blessed when she came into my life (thanks Lizzy).

I hope you enjoy looking at my week’s work – thanks for stopping by.

001002 This quilt was pieced/appliqued by Jan and her work is always a pleasure to work on.  As you can see an “allover” pattern (Simplicity by Lorien Quilting) was chosen and really suits the quilt and doesn’t detract at all from the applique.  My favourite creature is the Octopus.
034 This quilt was a joint effort by Jan/Miranda (mother/daughter team).  They were first time retreaters at Wallaroo in November.  The block pattern is the Jacob’s Ladder and this variation was put together and taught by Shontelle.  Great effort ladies!
206 Di asked me to quilt this fabric t make a bedspread which will match her curtains.  I’m not going to add up how many quilts I’ve done for Di and would never ask the question why she isn’t using one of them Smile  Quilting this was challenging but the result was certainly worth it!
218 This was a quilt cover, bought from Target, reassembled, and turned into a cute quilt.  The fabric and piecing were questionable but I was really happy with the outcome as were Jan and Lesley.
231 Table runners for Jan – she’s been a lucky girl this week.  I’m not going to tell how long these have been waiting – lucky she loves me!
023 This came to me as a Quilt Cover which Jennie had purchased from “Hills Tribe People” during an Asian holiday.  It was a challenge to say the least with the type of fabric, symmetry and removing the little bits of applieque and reapplying them.  I used Hobbs Wool wadding to absorb some of the fullness and then waved a magic wand – Jennie loved it and her Mum said it was “magnificent” – gotta be happy with that!

I’d love to hear what you think of the quilts – please leave a comment.



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