Sunday, October 7, 2012

May’s Offerings…so far

That’s not quite true as some of the quilts that will appear in this post are from April but as Tony (DH) says, never spoil a good story with fact

This first quilt was done by a “rank beginner”, she’s never been to a class and designed this quilt herself and then proceeded to stitch it.  It came with a few issues, nothing that 2 layers of Hobbs Polydown and a few tucks here and there couldn’t fix.  Alex had booked in to come to our May Retreat which would have been a good learning curve for her.  However, she’s giving it a miss because she’s concentrating on her other project for the time being – she’s having baby!!!  Congratulations Alex & Shawn.


Breast of Friends was a BOM with each block designed by a different person with various “finishing kits” offered.  This quilt was “in my head” for a long time – the concept of these quilts is fantastic and part proceeds go to various charities – in this case the proceeds went to Breast Cancer Research which is wonderful.  From a Quilter’s perspective they can be difficult to come up with a design that complements the quilt and brings it altogether.  I spent hours searching on the internet to see what other quilters had done but in all those hours of searching I only found 2 and they had only been SID’d and I thought it needed more.  As you’ll see from the following photos the good old stipple got a run.  The photos are shown in various lights and some aren’t of the best quality (as hard as I try I’m certainly no photographer!)






Robbie’s quilt follows – it is called Jane Says and was designed by Shontelle and she taught it at our Retreats last year.  The full story of this quilt is on Shontelle’s blog if you’re interested.  The cost of the pattern is $14.00 and can be purchased by sending an email. (This is not a quilt for a beginner)


The loose plan for my blog is to end on something personal.  The following photo is of my precious Scarlett, even just typing her name fills me with joy.  Moments after taking this photo in the studio (in which she has a tea cosy on her head) we were walking down to the house.  She was following me holding my large magnifying glass (which she’d found in the studio) up to her little face.  Then I heard the words that all Nana’s long to hear……..”Nanny, you look fat and old”.  Well, I ask you, from behind through a magnifying glass I may look fat…but OLD??????  God, how I love her!!!


Til next time,



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