Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mannum Retreats May 2011

The Mannum retreats are now over for another year and a great time was had by all that attended.  We’re so lucky to have such a fantastic group that continue to come back time and time again.   We also had a few “newbies” and it’s always great to meet new people.  The weekend was focussed on UFO’s and there are lots of photos – so sit back and enjoy.

Retreat 1 – Friday 20th May – Sunday 22nd May

Show & Tell


Robbie’s quilts – Starburst & Jane Says – both are Shontelle’s patterns and were taught at previous retreats


Joanne’s Christmas Table Runner            This quilt is called Dear Prudence.

                                                                       Wonder who it belongs to Smile


The next 2 quilts belong to Jean – she has certainly been busy!


A quilt that Prue made for a friend.         Faye’s Aeolian quilt – taught at our

Lucky friend, I say.                                      workshop.055059

Another of Faye’s – great job!                  Marjorie’s Aeolian quilt – pretty in pink


Pat – a beginner, which you’d never know, with her Aeolian quilt and another which she designed herself.


How cute is this rug – made by Mary.     Mary-Anne’s Jane Says – well done!


Jenni’s quilt uses Le Petite Ecole             Mary Ann’s table runner from a          fabrics from moda – great quilt!               previous workshop – good job!


Another by Mary Ann.                              Joanne’s stichery


Another by Pat – no longer a beginner.   This quilt made by Marjorie uses

                                                                       fabric from a Layer Cake, Jelly

                                                                       Roll & Charm Pack


                           Joanne is quite simply an overachiever!!!!!!!!!!!


129               131

Kylie with her completed table                Local scenery – I love the sound of

runner-   well done!!                                  the paddle steamer’s horn.


Our friendly possum – he is so cute and    Ali feeding the family.

certainly well fed!


Our fantastic retreaters                             With all the talk of planking in the

                                                                     media lately, somebody just resist.

                                                                     Great effort Prue!!!!!126

Saving the best til last – Shontelle and her latest project – Ethan James.


Retreat 2 – Monday 23rd – Wednesday 25th May


Show & Tell


Margaret’s table runner – set on point         Pam’s Jane Says – just beautiful


Pam made this Carpenter’s Star for her      Heather’s pineapple quilt which she’s

Mum – lucky Helen                                       quilting herself – I heard she won’t be

                                                                     doing that again Smile


Another of Heather’s but she’s not sure     The chocolate fondue was a great success!

what happened.                                         Too hard to get a photo with everyone

                                                                    looking like a lady – sorry Cheb…..not!!


Cheryl’s quilt from the Wallaroo               This was stitched by Margaret and

Retreat – well done.                                   it is amazing up close!!


What can I say – I’m sure Jill’s eyes         The Group Shot! 



Thanks go to everyone for making our Retreats a time to remember – see you next time!!!



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  1. loving the variation in the Aeolian designs. Love the diamond designs too.